Marco Tardocchi

I obtained my PhD at the Neutron Physics Department of Uppsala University (Sweden) on the development of the innovative MPR spectrometer for 14 MeV neutrons generated by DT fusion plasmas. I then worked at the Milano-Bicocca Physics Department and at the INFM, before moving in 2009 to ISTP-exIFP.
My research activity is in the field of nuclear measurements (neutrons, gamma rays, X-rays) of thermonuclear plasmas and in the development of instrumentation for spallation neutron sources (eg ISIS and ESS). I coordinate a research group consisting of researchers, research fellows, associates and a few PhD and master students.
The main results have been obtained at the tokamak JET, where new diagnostics developed by us specifically for high resolution/high count rate measurements were installed. The gamma ray spectrometers based on LaBr3 crystals and the 14 MeV neutron spectrometers based on artificial diamonds are worth mentioning. In 2020 I was promoter and coordinator of the CNR contribution to the MVM project which created an innovative pulmonary mechanical ventilator composed of few components, low cost and optimized for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.