In a world increasingly facing new challenges at the forefront of plasma scientific research and technological innovation, CNR and ISTP pledge progress and achieve an impact in the integration of research into societal practices and policy

The contribution of ISTP to the project

ISTP contributes to projects that have obtained PNRR funds:

 ISTP participates in the Nefertari Research Infrastructure project in Padova, Milan, and Bari, the only CNR institute involved.

CNR is the proposer of Nefertari along with the University of Padova and the University of Naples Federico II.

ISTP-Bari participates in the innovation ecosystem activities of the Tech4You project and the activities of Spoke 7 MATERIALS & MOLECULAR SCIENCES of the National Centre for HPC, Big Data, and Quantum Computing.


Innovation of systems and plasma diagnostics for the Research Infrastructure (IR) RFX, located in Padova, with the implementation and enhancement of satellite laboratories in Bari and Milan.


Implementation of a plant for the conversion of CO2 produced by industrial activities through methanation and hydrogenation processes with the production of biofuels.


Maintenance and Enhancement of the National Research Infrastructure in HPC, Big Data, and Quantum Computing – HPC

The Plan

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is Italy's response to the global Covid-19 emergency and to the obstacles that have blocked the growth of our country's economic, social and environmental system in recent decades.

The PNRR is part of the European recovery project Next Generation EU, a program of unprecedented scope and ambition, with an amount of 750 billion euros resources introduced to relaunch the growth, investment and reform, with 390 billion made up of grants.

PNRR website

MUR-PNRR website

Next generation EU website


These are the six missions at the basis of the PNRR:

  • 1 digitization, innovation, competitiveness and culture
  • 2 green revolution and ecological transition
  • 3 infrastructure for sustainable mobility
  • 4 education and research
  • 5 inclusion and cohesion
  • 6 health

The Plan identifies research and innovation as engines for the country's recovery and fundamental tools for its economic and social development. The theme of research and innovation, central to Mission 4, is particularly strategic and cross-cutting.


CNR has successfully participated in the calls for proposals under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), primarily issued by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), within Mission 4, COMPONENT 2, "From RESEARCH to ENTERPRISE." CNR has also been involved in other PNRR initiatives, including:

1.1 Projects of Relevant National Interest (PRIN):
1.3 Extended Partnerships involving Universities, Research Centers, Businesses, and Research Project Financing
1.4 Enhancement of Research Facilities and the Creation of "National Champions" in Research & Development for Key Enabling Technologies
1.5 Creation and Strengthening of "Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability"
3.1 Realization of an Integrated System of Research and Innovation Infrastructures

CNR also manages a very relevant heritage in terms of laboratories and scientific and technological infrastructures throughout the national territory, which in many cases operate within the framework of European programming. These infrastructures require significant investments for their adaptation and enhancement, and it is strategic to make clear choices on such investments with the aim of further enhancing the attractiveness of the Italian research system.
ISTP contributes to some of the projects that have obtained PNRR funds.