In a world increasingly facing new challenges at the forefront of plasma scientific research and technological innovation, CNR and ISTP pledge progress and achieve an impact in the integration of research into societal practices and policy

ISTP Padova

Two large projects are developed at Consorzio RFX, the Padova fusion research laboratory where the majority of Padova ISTP personnel is seconded:

Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF)

The NBTF aims to develop a system to obtain a negative ion beam with high energy (1MeV) and power (16.5 megawatt), with almost continuous operation capacity, for plasma heating in ITER.

Under Consorzio RFX responsibility, the plant hosts the test-bed of two full-size prototypes: the negative ion source (SPIDER), in operation since 2018, and the neutral beam injector (MITICA) that is in an advanced state of construction.

The RFX experiment aims to investigate the physics of fusion plasmas and magnetic confinement.

The first RFX device was in operation from 1992 to 1999, to study the Reversed Field Pinch (RFP) configuration, followed by the RFX-mod experiment, equipped with an advanced control system, to explore additional Ultra Low Q and Tokamak pinch configurations, in operation from 2004 to 2016.

New machine modifications are being implemented in the RFX-mod2 device that thanks to a larger plasma volume, closer to the control actuators, will allow new operational scenarios.

In parallel, a few devices are being operated to investigate specific issues, in support of the main lines of research:

Caesium Test Stand - CATS

Caesium Test Stand - CATS, for studies on Caesium management and handling.

Negative Ion Optimization experiment - NIO1

The Negative Ion Optimization experiment, NIO1, for studies on the production of a current of hydrogen ions of 130 mA distributed in 9 beamlets accelerated to 60 KeV.

High Voltage Padova Test Facility – HVPFT

The High Voltage Padova Test FacilityHVPFT, a dedicated device to perform high voltage tests in vacuum, to demonstrate the best technology for reaching the potential difference of 1Million Volts DC between two electrodes.

High Voltage Short Gap Test Facility – HVSGTF

The High Voltage Short Gap Test FacilityHVSGTF, designed to complement the HVPTF studies.

High Voltage Radio Frequency Test Facility – HVRFTF

The High Voltage Radio Frequency Test FacilityHVRFTF, a flexible experiment to characterize the low pressure electrical insulation of components operating at radio frequency.