Paolo Innocente

I am a plasma physicist working on magnetically confined plasmas of interest for controlled nuclear fusion research. My expertise lies in the field of edge-divertor modelling in standard and alternative divertor configurations, PWI interaction studies, alternative divertor configuration experiments, divertor interaction optimization, PWI diagnostic measurement, data analysis and code development, RFP experiment optimization.
Main branches of activity are:
• Detachment experiments in L-mode and H-mode in alternative divertor configurations (snowflake and double null);
• Optimization of divertor power exhaust: control of radiation emission and interaction by flux expansions control and gas puffing;
• Edge and plasma exhaust studies: study with the SOLEDGE2D-EIRENE code of power exhaust in in various tokamak devices (JET, TCV, EAST) with different divertor configurations. Edge transport in RFX-mod in Reversed Field Pinch configuration;
• Divertor geometry design and optimization of DTT device;
• Edge code development: grid mesh generator, impurity setup, data analysis with synthetic diagnostics implementation;
• Electron density measurement by interferometric diagnostic and code.

  • EXPERTISE diagnostics , plasma-wall, modeling, RFP, divertor
  • ROLE Senior Researcher
  • MAIL
  • PHONE +39 049 829 5062
  • ISTP OFFICE Padova