Paola Mantica

Paola Mantica has a permanent position as Research Director at ISTP-CNR, Milano, Italy. She has worked at CNR since 1985. She works in the field of magnetic confinement and turbulent transport in tokamaks. She has performed experiments on many tokamaks in Europe and worldwide, and carried out their modeling using first principle turbulent transport models within an integrated modelling framework. Amongst her main results, the studies of electron heat transport via radiofrequency modulation and edge cold pulses, the impact of fast ions on ion heat transport, the studies of density peaking, momentum convection, heavy impurity accumulation, isotope effects, and recently the impact of negative triangularity. She has been Task Force Leader of the EFDA JET Task Force T, and deeply involved in JET experimental campaigns as Scientific Coordinator and as Coordinator of modelling activities. She has been Chair of the EU Transport Task Force and of the ITPA Transport & Confinement group. She took part in the recent DT campaign on JET. She is presently coordinating the integrated modelling work for the design of the DTT tokamak, under construction in Italy. She is a member of EUROfusion STAC.