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Comparison of Particle Transport and Confinement Properties between the ICRH and NBI Heated Dimensionless Identity Plasmas on JET

Tala T.; Mariani A.; Salmi A.; Solano E.R.; Carvalho I.S.; Chomiczewska A.; Delabie E.; Eriksson F.; Ferreira J.; Fransson E.; Horvath L.; Jacquet P.; King D.; Kirjasuo A.; Leerink S.; Lerche E.; Maggi C.; Mantica P.; Marin M.; Maslov M.; Menmuir S.; Morales R.B.; Naulin V.; Nave M.F.F.; Nordman H.; Perez von Thun C.; Schneider P.A.; Sertoli M.; Tanaka K.; JET contributors

Conference: 47th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, pp. 317 - 320 , Stiges (Spain) - Virtual Conference , 21 - 25 June 2021 Year: 2021
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Paola Mantica

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In this paper, we aim to quantify the role of NBI fueling in contributing to density peaking in JET by executing identity discharges between the ICRH and NBI heated plasmas. In an ideal situation, the pair would be so identical that any difference in the density peaking could be directly attributed to the influence of the NBI fueling. However, in real experiment, in addition to the obvious desired difference in core particle source, for example the plasma rotation, fast ion content, impurities and edge pedestal properties may not be the same between the NBI-ICRH pair. Both gyrokinetic simulations and integrated transport modelling will be employed to quantify the background transport and thereby support the conclusion on the role of NBI fuelling in contributing to density peaking in these identity discharges.

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