Carlo Sozzi

My research activity started with the development of coherent sources of electromagnetic radiation at micrometer wavelength (lasers for biomedical applications) and in the millimeter wave range (gyrotron systems for tokamaks). I’ve contributed to the design, installation and application in plasma experiments of the Electron Cyclotron Waves Heating system for FTU and to the millimeter wave design of the ITER ECW Upper Launcher. The application of ECW for the active suppression of the magnetohydrodynamic instabilities has then focused my work with the design and analysis of closed loop control experiments in various tokamaks (AUG, TCV and in preparation of JT-60SA). In order to develop such active control schemes, I’ve carried out studies to derive in real time the necessary information from the magnetic and electron temperature diagnostics. In the area of diagnostics, I’ve led the design of the Oblique EC Emission diagnostics for the JET tokamak, meant to study the energy distribution of the electrons in high temperature plasmas. My work in JET also concerns the wide field of plasma operations and the studies aiming to prevent the disruptions.