JET’s final tritium experiments yield new energy record

The Joint European Torus (JET), one of the world’s largest and most powerful fusion experiment, has demonstrated the ability to reliably generate fusion energy, whilst simultaneously setting a world-record in energy output.

The third and final series of deuterium-tritium experiments at the UKAEA’s Joint European Torus successfully achieved high fusion power, consistently produced for 5 seconds and resulting in a ground-breaking fusion energy record of 69 megajoules using a mere 0.2 milligrams of fuel.

The National Research Council (CNR) participated in this latest deuterium-tritium campaign at JET through neutron measurements and studies of the dynamics of high-energy alpha particles, both produced by fusion reactions. It contributed to the measurement of the generated fusion energy, studies on tritium retention on the divertor, and the analysis of plasma instabilities.

At the following links the official press releases from CNR and EUROfusion consortium:

CNR press release

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Online press event, hosted by EUROfusion in collaboration with UKAEA (youTube video)

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