Nicola Vianello

1999 Degree in Physics (summa cum Laude) – University of Padova
2002 PhD in Energetics – University of Padova
2002-2009 Researcher at Consorzio RFX
2009-date Researcher at CNR
03-2015/02-2016 Researcher at Swiss Plasma Center, EPFL Lausanne
From 2014 to 2020 I’ve been Scientific Coordinator for different experiments within the EUROfusion Work-packages Medium-Size Tokamaks and JET
From January 2021 deputy Task Force Leader for the EUROfusion Work-package Tokamak Exploitation, coordinating the scientific exploitation of different european tokamaks (ASDEX-Upgrade, TCV, MAST-U, WEST and JET)
From 2018 Coordinator of ITPA-DivSOL task on “Fast Scrape off layer transport”
From 2020 European Member of the ITPA Edge and Pedestal group