Francesco Ghezzi

Nuclear engineer, PhD in Physical Chemistry at the Politecnico di Milano, with a master’s degree in vacuum and tritium technology and a degree in nuclear engineering. He became CNR researcher after an experience in the private sector as a project engineer in charge of the mechanical design of distillation tanks and towers for chemical plants. He is currently involved in Surface Analysis in the field of first wall material plasma interaction. He used the codes NASTRAM, SAP80, CALMEC, ANSYS, CADAM and CAEDS and the UNIX (AIX – IBM) and VM-CMS operating systems. He worked in the Ontario (Canada) Hydroelectric Research Division, Corrosion and Tritium Technology Section; he carried out design and experimentation activities on the reduction of tritium water on Zr-MnV alloy, on a storage and delivery system of tritium for a high-field melting device, on “hands on” systems on the reduction of tritium water on alloy Zr-Fe-V and an experimental investigation on Zr-based alloys for the storage of tritium.