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Conceptual design of electron cyclotron emission diagnostic for Chinese Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor

Zhou T.; Liu Y.; Figini L.; Wang Y.; Zhao H.; Ti A.; Ling B.; Yang Y.; Shi Z.; Hu L.; Gao X.

To evaluate the capability of electron cyclotron emission (ECE) diagnostic in the Chinese Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor (CFETR), ECE spectra have been simulated using the code SPECE. The results indicate that measurements of the 2nd harmonic X-mode and the 1st harmonic O-mode ECE spectra combined are capable of providing the information of local electron temperature with fairly good spatial resolution and adequate radial range covering from the plasma core to the edge. Followed with the simulation results, the conceptual design of the front-end, transmission line, instrumentation, and the calibration strategy are discussed briefly. Base on the state-of-the-art techniques, no foreseen technical obstacles exist. However, it is worthy to study the relativistic down-shift effect in the high temperature plasmas in order to obtain the position of the emission layer with required precision in a timely manner.

ID 461002
DOI 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2020.112175
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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