Matteo Zuin

Research Scientist, PhD in Energetics, Padova University
• Task Force Leader of the Task Force “Tokamak Operation” for the RFX-mod experiment
• RFP and tokamak devices operation in different scenarios of plasma current
• Experimental expertise in:
– magnetic and electrostatic diagnostics of fusion plasmas
– neutron and gamma diagnostics for fusion plasmas
– neutral particle diagnostics from charge-exchange processes, for ion temperature measurement
• Experimental and theoretical expertise in plasma electromagnetic and electrostatic instabilities (e.g.: Alfvén eigenmodes, Drift waves, Interchange, Tearing and Microtearing modes) and characterization of magnetic reconnection processes
• Development of low power atmospheric plasma sources for plasma medicine application
• Adjunct Professor at the University of Padova
• Supervisor of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students
• Referee for plasma and/or general physics journals (including Physical Review Letters, Nuclear Fusion, Physics of Plasmas, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Scientific Reports)