Marco Gobbin

Research scientist, PhD in Physics. Main research topics and activities:  – Analysis of electron temperature, soft-x-rays and MHD activity to characterize the physics of the helical states in the reversed field pinch (RFP) RFX-mod experiment. – Particle transport simulations studies by means of the code ORBIT, in collaboration with Prof. Roscoe White (PPPL, USA). – Collaboration with the University of Wisconsin on the experiment MST: evaluation of electron diffusivity by heat pulse technique in RFP plasmas; analysis of runaway electrons (RE) generation and losses in helical RFP plasmas; study of fast ion motion and confinement in RFP plasmas. – Scientific Coordinator for the EUROfusion MST1 (Medium Size Tokamak) Campaign in 2015- 2016 to study the effect of magnetic perturbations (MP) on post-disruption generated RE beams in the experiments ASDEX Upgrade and TCV. – Collaborator for the EUROfusion WP-MST1 in 2017-2021 to investigate the mitigation effect of externally applied MP on RE in ASDEX Upgrade and COMPASS; interpretation of the experimental results using the ORBIT code. – Numerical studies on fast ion transport for the DTT project.