Alessandro Moro

I’m a Physicist and I deal with the development of components and systems for mm-waves for fusion plasmas applications. My activity at CNR started in 2004 and includes the design, construction and exploitation of components for ECRH systems in tokamak devices (FTU, TCV), including the future ones (ITER, JT-60SA, DTT, DEMO). I work on the modeling of complex optical systems and their characterization at low and high microwave power. I have participated in EC heated plasma experiments.
During my years at ISTP (formerly IFP) I was able to participate in the design and exploitation of an antenna to inject electronic cyclotron waves for real-time experiments on the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade. Thanks to the experience on the high-power ECRH system of FTU, I am now among the operators of the heating system of the TCV tokamak (5 gyrotron units, 4 MW of total power, 2 s pulses) during operations in the experimental campaigns with the ECRH group of the Swiss Plasma Center. I was responsible officer of a contract for the development of components for the first plasma of ITER. I am Project Leader for the activities on the Transmission Lines of the ECRH system of the DTT tokamak.