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ECRH and ECCD modeling studies for DEMO

Baiocchi B.; Bruschi A.; Figini L.; Garavaglia S.; Granucci G.; Moro A.

Conference: 47th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, pp. 880 - 883 , Virtual Conference Stiges (Spain) , 21-25 June 2021 Year: 2021
ISTP Authors:
Gustavo Granucci
Saul Garavaglia
Lorenzo Figini
Alessandro Moro
Alessandro Bruschi

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The electron cyclotron (EC) system foreseen for DEMO has the aim of achieving several physics tasks, in the first phases, during the flat top period and at the end of the plasma discharge: assisted plasma break-down and start-up, current ramp-up, bulk heating (BH) of core plasma, MHD (NTM) control, radiative instability (RI) control and current ramp-down. Then the EC system must provide proper different radial localizations and combination of heating and non-inductive current drive (CD), taking into account the peculiar physics requirements and the engineering constraints of a fusion power plant reactor. The investigation and the optimization study of the performances and the limits of the EC launcher is then essential for the accomplishment of the tasks in the context of the reliability of DEMO EC system.

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