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Modeling snowflake plasmas in RFX-mod2: A test bed for SOL and edge physics characterization

Abate D.; Predebon I.; Bonotto M.; Marchiori G.

The definition of low-current snowflake plasma equilibria in RFX-mod2 experiment is carried out in terms of both plasma conditions and engineering requirements. The snowflake magnetic configuration is obtained by solving a least-squares curve fitting problem with properly defined linear contraints. Positive and negative triangularity snowflake equilibria are defined and compared with a standard single-null plasma. The magnetic field topology is characterized in terms of local magnetic shear and connection length revealing all the potential advantages of a wider low poloidal field region. The RFX-mod2 improved diagnostic system and its magnet flexibility would allow a detailed characterization of the scrape off layer and plasma edge physics in snowflake configurations.

ID 478208
DOI 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2023.113484
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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