Towards a new CNR: what tools to face the challenges of increasingly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research

CNR researchers increasingly carry out research on complex systems for which interdisciplinarity is an essential requirement. However, putting interdisciplinarity into practice represents a very difficult challenge. Unlike multidisciplinarity, in which disciplines meet while maintaining their autonomy, interdisciplinarity implies the shared creation of a theoretical framework of the objectives, concepts, methods and terminologies adopted. Added to these critical issues are the current research evaluation mechanisms which effectively limit biblio-diversity, the valorization of different activities and multilingualism.

We invite you to discuss these issues during the meeting that will take place at the Pisa Research Area on Thursday 26 October from 9.45 to 13.00
The meeting can also be followed in streaming at the link that will be released a few days before.

The Organizing Committee
Maddalena Pennisi (CNR-Igg)
Lisa Sella (CNR-Ircres)
Francesca Di Donato (CNR-Ilc)

With the collaboration of:
Andrea Scartazza e Olga Gavrichkova (CNR-Iret), Ilaria Baneschi (CNR-Igg), Elena Ragazzi (CNR-Ircres), Sabrina Molinaro, Michela Franchini e Stefania Pieroni (CNR-Ifc), Giorgio S. Senesi e Olga de Pascale (CNR-Istp), Giovanni De Simone (CNR), Riccardo Coratella (NBFC) Massimo Spadoni (CNR)

The event is present on the CNR website at this link