The First Tokamak plasma for JT-60SA

The team of engineers and scientists from Europe and Japan have successfully achieved a tokamak plasma for the first time at JT-60SA, the biggest experimental fusion device to date using magnetic confinement.

The result will be carefully examined as the teams will continue to perform more tests during the next weeks.

The JT-60SA device, otherwise known as ITER’s satellite tokamak project, results from the Broader Approach (BA) Agreement, signed between Europe and Japan. The device is hosted at QST, Japan’s National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology, located in the city of Naka. Its mission is to support research for ITER to meet its technological goals and provide knowledge for the transition from ITER towards future fusion reactors.

ISTP participates to JT-60SA experiment in the framework of the Broader Approach and EUROfusion consortium activities.

Congratulations to all teams!