The third deuterium-tritium experimental campaign at JET

The EUROfusion consortium announces the start of the third deuterium-tritium experimental campaign at the Joint European Torus (JET).

This will be the final experiment at JET making use of the fuel mix of deuterium and tritium, essential for next-gen devices like ITER, the European DEMO, and subsequent fusion power plants.

The campaign’s primary objectives are multifaceted: complete experiments started in 2021’s DTE2 campaign, advance scientific understanding in key areas, and employ a unique ‘stepping stone’ strategy that amalgamates insights from various medium-sized experimental devices across Europe.

ISTP is involved in this third deuterium-tritium campaign through the participation in crucial areas like neutron diagnostic exploitation and development of plasma scenarios with impurity seeding in deuterium-tritium mix.

All the information collected during this campaign will pave the way towards the successful operations of future devices.

EUROfusion announcement

Interior of JET with a superimposed plasma. Credit: EUROfusion.