New solutions for future fusion power plants tested at the Joint European Torus

The EUROfusion consortium announced the completion of the third deuterium-tritium experimental campaign at the Joint European Torus (JET).

The third and final series of deuterium-tritium experiments at the UKAEA’s Joint European Torus successfully achieved its goal!

The campaign investigated the processes that will come into play in future fusion power plants, like fuel retention in walls, effect of fusion neutrons on electronics, heat spread out in the exhaust and more.

Truly a big step ahead in our understanding of fusion energy, with crucial insights for the design and operation of future reactors like the international ITER experiment and the DEMO demonstration fusion power plant!

ISTP was involved in this third deuterium-tritium campaign through the participation in the areas of neutron diagnostic exploitation and development of plasma scenarios with impurity seeding in deuterium-tritium mix.

In the picture screenshots from a ‘Neon-Seed Integrated ITER Baseline Plasma Scenarios in D-T’ pulse video recorded during the EUROfusion DTE3 campaign at JET, showcasing pivotal experiments at the forefront of fusion research. Image composed by Karl Tischler, EPFL, courtesy of EUROfusion, based on screenshots from a video courtesy of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

EUROfusion announcement

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