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Prompt effects of partially ionised W dust in the JET shallow SOL

Causa F.; Gervasini G.; Ghezzi F.; Lazzaro E.; Kumpulainen H.; Borodin D.; Borodkina I.; Douai D.; Huber A.; Pawelec E.; Solano E.R.; Sertoli M.; Widdowson A.

Conference: 49th European Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS 2023), pp. 1 - 4 , Bordeaux, France , 3-7 July 2023 Year: 2023
ISTP Authors:
Enzo Lazzaro
Enzo Lazzaro
Francesco Ghezzi
Gabriele Gervasini
Federica Causa

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Transient radiative bursts have been observed in systematic time-correlation with dust influx across the separatrix in JET ILW campaigns, [1]. Dust influx from PFC materials can produce transient temperature and density perturbations in the SOL. Are such local perturbations detectable by existing diagnostics? Could they be used as an additional monitor for safe operation? Results from the model illustrated here indicate that local densities of dust can produce bursts of acoustic waves in the low-temperature, low-density SOL, that could be detected by existing diagnostics.

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