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Pre-plasma remobilization of ferromagnetic dust in FTU and possible interference with tokamak operations

De Angeli, M.; Lazzaro, E.; Tolias, P.; Ratynskaia, S.; Vignitchouk, L.; Castaldo, C.; Apicella, M. L.; Gervasini, G.; Giacomi, G.; Giovannozzi, E.; Granucci, G.; Iafrati, M.; Iraji, D.; Maddaluno, G.; Riva, G.; Uccello, A.

Experimental evidence of the pre-plasma remobilization of ferromagnetic dust in FTU is presented. Thomson scattering data and IR camera observations document the occurrence of intrinsic dust remobilization prior to discharge start-up and allow for a rough calculation of the average mobilized dust density. Exposures of calibrated extrinsic non-magnetic and ferromagnetic dust to sole magnetic field discharges reveal that the magnetic moment force is the main mobilizing force, as confirmed by theoretical estimates. Pre-plasma remobilization probabilities are computed for varying dust sizes. The impact of prematurely remobilized dust on the breakdown and burn-through start-up phases is investigated together with the discharge termination induced once the plasma plateau is established.

ID 406967
DOI 10.1088/1741-4326/ab369f
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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