Gianluca Spizzo

Researcher in the field of fusion plasma physics; expertise in experiment (soft X-ray and total radiation tomography, magnetic turbulence measurements) and modeling: since 2003 I collaborate with Roscoe White (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA) in the development and exploitation of the Hamiltonian, guiding center code ORBIT for the study of nonlocal particle transport in plasmas and wave-particle interaction, in particular concerning the thermal and fast particle interaction with 3D magnetic fields.
Experience in public information & outreach activities.
Specialties: Programming in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and Fortran, Linux and MS-DOS operative systems, Office and LaTeX. Experience in standard data analysis, signal processing and tomography techniques (inversion of ill-posed problems, singular value decomposition, maximum entropy and regularized chi square minimization).
Expertise in integration of Hamiltonian systems, field line tracing, and complex diffusion equations (Fractional Kinetic operators and Montroll-Weiss equation).
Tu fixa, obsecro, perennem
Qui legis astra, super mente tuere diem
(Beda Venerabilis, Prologus super De Natura Rerum, ~703 AD)