Annarita Laricchiuta

Master Degree in Chemistry (1997) and PhD in Environmental Sciences (2000) at the University of Bari. CNR Researcher since 2001. Research activity: theoretical calculation of dynamical data for elementary processes in plasmas, investigation of the role of excited states (vibrational and electronic) of target molecules in affecting the probability of electron-impact-induced processes, simplified approaches in electron scattering, post-HF methods for electronic structure calculations, derivation of elastic transport and resonant charge-exchange cross sections for transport properties of plasmas. Co-author of 106 papers in JCR journals, of many communications at international conferences and of two books of the Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics. Co-editor of the multi-author book “Hypersonic Meteoroid Entry Physics” IOP Series in Plasma Physics (2019). Member of the Team of the EquilTheTA tool, Administrator of the Phys4Entry database. Member of the International Advisory Board of QUANTEMOL Database and of the International Program Committee of the ICAMDATA conference. Member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports – section Atomic and Molecular Physics.