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The upgrade of the control and data acquisition system of RFXMod2

Manduchi G.; Luchetta A.; Taliercio C.; Rigoni A.; Martini G.; Cavazzana R.; Ferron N.; Barbato P.; Breda M.; Capobianco R.; Molon F.; Moressa M.; Simionato P.; Zampiva E.

RFX-mod2 is an upgrade of RFX-mod that will use a modified shell and mechanical structure in order to enhance plasma-shell proximity and therefore to improve plasma control. The Control and Data Acquisition System for most of the plant systems and diagnostics previously used in RFX-mod will be refurbished, while others will be completely re-built. The most important component that will be completely renewed is the ElectroMagnetic probe (EM) data acquisition system, where a new architecture based on XILINX Zynq FPGA will be used to carry out at the same time both high-speed data acquisition and resampled data streaming for active plasma control. The use of MDSplus will be retained in RFX-mod2, while the MARTe framework used for real-time plasma control will be replaced by MARTe2, a new framework developed under strict software quality standards. Plant control in RFX-mod2 will be supervised by WinCC-OA, replacing the previous FactoryLink SCADA systems. Older plant systems such as vacuum control based on outdated S5 PLCs will be updated and will use OPC-UA for communication with the supervisory control system.

ID 447103
DOI 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2021.112329
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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