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Implementation and Review of the Axisymmetric Equilibrium System of RFX-Mod2 within the MARTe2 Framework

Ferron N.; Finotti C.; Manduchi G.; Marchiori G.; Bettini P.; Abate D.; Cavazzana R.

A major refurbishment of the toroidal complex of the RFX-mod device is in progress and it will include the removal of the Inconel vacuum vessel and a modification of the stainless steel supporting structure to be made vacuum-tight. The axisymmetric equilibrium control in RFX-mod was responsible for the control of the plasma current, horizontal and vertical position along with its stability and the plasma shape. The new implementation framework, both hardware and software, is described. The system has been fully reviewed and modified, if needed, for its prospective use in RFX-mod2. In order to run tests in an operation-like context, the updated system has also been implemented in the MARTe2 framework, to be deployed for the real-time applications of RFX-mod2. The results of the previous versions were reproduced and the cycle-time requirements were met.

ID 471018
DOI 10.3390/electronics11172751
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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