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High Resolution Probe for filament transport and current density study at the edge region of W7-X

Spolaore, M.; Agostinetti, P.; Killer, C.; Moresco, M.; Brombin, M.; Cavazzana, R.; Ghiraldelli, R.; Grenfell, G.; Grulke, O.; Lazerson, S. A.; Martines, E.; Neubauer, O.; Nicolai, D.; Satheeswaran, G.; Schweer, B.; Vianello, N.; Visentin, M.

For the study of electrostatic and magnetic properties of filaments characterizing the edge region of the stellarator experiment W7-X, a specifically designed insertable probe head was constructed within the framework of EUROfusion WP.S1 work package in collaboration between Consorzio RFX, IPP Greifswald and Forschungszentrum Mich. The probe head, named High Resolution Probe (HRP), was conceived to be installed on the mid-plane multi-purpose fast reciprocating manipulator on W7-X. Electromagnetic filamentary turbulent structures are found to characterize the edge region of different magnetic configurations including Reversed Field Pinch, stellarator and tokamak, where strong currents are associated also to ELM filamentary structures. The study of those phenomena in W7-X stellarator is of particular interest as the electromagnetic features of filaments are expected to become more relevant with the increase of the local plasma beta. In particular the aim is to provide information about the presence and the features of parallel current density associated to filamentary turbulent or ELM-like structures. Furthermore, the possibility to measure the time evolution of the flow radial profiles using the Mach probe array was considered as a further interesting part of the study, given the strong interplay expected between the turbulent fluctuations and the average flows. Further important information provided is the radial propagation of turbulent flux. The contribution will present the design development, the R&D studies and the applied solutions for the sensors embedded in the probe head. In particular, the presence of 140 GHz ECRH plasma environment represents one of the main challenges for reliable magnetic fluctuation measurements. First measurements were performed during the W7-X experimental campaign OP1.2b, where electromagnetic features of turbulence were measured with the probe, at different magnetic configurations.

ID 408326
DOI 10.1088/1748-0221/14/09/C09035
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
LAST UPDATE 2023-06-30T13:13:59Z
TITLE Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon 2020 through a Joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium