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First tests and commissioning of the emittance scanner for SPIDER

Poggi C.; Berton G.; Brombin M.; Degli Agostini F.; Fasolo D.; Franchin L.; Laterza B.; Pasqualotto R.; Ravarotto D.; Sartori E.; Taliercio C.; Tollin M.; Serianni G.

SPIDER is the prototype ion source for ITER Heating and Diagnostic Neutral Beams. To investigate the phase-space distribution of its beamlets, an Allison type emittance scanner was developed. This kind of diagnostic is widely used in ion sources for high-energy accelerators, but has never been employed in fusion-relevant ion sources. Its measurements will assess the optics properties of the beamlets of a large negative ion source, providing a local measurement of their phase-space structure, and they will be useful to validate numerical models. This paper presents the experimental setup of the diagnostic, describing the detector, its integration in SPIDER, the handling system and the control electronics. The effectiveness of the design of the detector Faraday cup to repel secondary electrons is experimentally proven. Finally, the emittance measurements obtained in a dedicated test facility are also reported and compared with ray tracing simulations.

ID 455194
DOI 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2021.112659
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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