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Conceptual design of the power supplies for DTT Neutral Beam Injector

Ferro A.; Lucchini F.; Agostinetti P.; Ratti D.; Granucci G.; Romano A.; Romano R.; Cucchiaro A.; Princiotta A.

The Divertor Tokamak Test facility (DTT) is the new tokamak whose construction is starting in Frascati (Italy), with the main aim of testing different divertor magnetic configurations and technologies in view of DEMO. In the present design, the DTT heating mix includes one Negative Neutral Beam Injector (NBI), with a power injected in the plasma of 10 MW and a beam energy of 500 keV. The NBI conceptual design is under development and includes solutions already adopted for ITER (RF-driven ion source, gas neutralizer, electrostatic Residual Ion Dump), but with some simplifications to reduce costs and complexity deemed feasible for DTT. In particular, the beam source is air-insulated and fed by the gas-insulated Transmission Line through gas-air bushings. This paper presents the status of the conceptual design of the main power supplies of the DTT NBI. The main ratings are collected from physics requirements and NBI design. On this basis, the reference technical solutions are selected, considering the experience gained at the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padova (Italy), the specific design of the DTT NBI and the layout constraints of the DTT Site. For the Acceleration Grid Power Supply, besides the ITER-like design, an innovative approach based on the Modular Multilevel Converter technology, never adopted in this application, is considered; pros and cons of the two solutions are evaluated.

ID 454445
DOI 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2021.112624
PRODUCT TYPE Journal Article
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