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A Software for Computational Plasma Engineering for European Space Industry

Rouwette S.; Siems U.; Basov L.; Chibani S.; Bouziane R.; Mockel B.; Zhu F.; Schmit R.; Petkow D.; Taccogna F.; Feili D.; Deprez G.

Conference: Space Propulsion Conference ESA, pp. 1 - 9 , Virtual Event , 17-19 March 2021 Year: 2021
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Francesco Taccogna

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This paper reports about the upcoming release of a professional plasma simulation software targeting specifically plasma engineering and design work in the electric propulsion industry. It describes the plasma engineering issues that are addressed by this software, how these issues are addressed, which market players do support it already, and how users can get involved to maximize the added value provided to them. The targeted readers are EP developers regardless of their host institution, and decision makers in charge of keeping competitivity at high levels.

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