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A procedure to estimate pitch angle for runaways electrons control in fusion reactors

Barcellona Concetta; Buscarino Arturo; Causa Federica; Corradino Claudia; Esposito Basilio; Fortuna Luigi; Gospodarczyk Mateusz; Mazzitelli Giuseppe; Rocchi Giuliano; Piergotti Valerio; Sibio Alessandro

Runaway Electrons (REs) are one of the main concerns in Tokamak plasma and can cause plasma instabilities. One key target of the future reactors is the REs diagnostic and control. For these reasons the analysis of their major properties is fundamental. An automatic platform for the RE pitch angle calculation which exploits imperfections on the visible images of the REs synchrotron radiation is presented.

ID 476346
DOI 10.23919/ECC.2019.8796106
PRODUCT TYPE Conference Proceeding
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